My name is Dr. Balkrishna Bhalchandra Patki. I am astologer in Pune. I do make PATRIKA and on that basis let you know about your future. I was in Astrology field since 1959 and I got 30 years of study and practical experience in Astrology. I attended various conferences to get accurate analysis of your problems and come with a proper solution. Here, I would like to share you a small story about me and my experiences along with life events. At the age of 58, I was ill due to Tified, A Jyotish has seen my "KUNDALI" and told me about "Mrutuyog" in 2 months, I haven't believed on that and I have to face illness for more than 1 month and it has taken a lot of efforts to recover. Since then I decided that If same happened with others I should understand thier problems and help them.So in 1959, I staterd to learn Astrology in Satara from Guru "Manishankar".
I develop varius astrological skills like Muhurt, Patrika Reading, Problem Solving, Match making, Mahadasha effect and all. Bofore year 2000 I met Guru who checked my signature and told me to attend astrology conferences and enrich my knowledge. As I was attending conferences my knowledge enhanced and my skills in astrology shined. In Pune I met Guru Jakatdar,I got chance to represent my "RAHU GHARH" knowledge in conference and I got rewarded in Jyotishya Conference at Vani Devastanam.I was also supported by Guru Dongre in my Astrology Carrer. It was like a milestone for me. Because of 30 years of experience and skills in Astrology I was rewarded as "GOLD MEDALIST" in Kolkatta basis on my practical experience by ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH PROJECT in April 2008. Again in Kolkatta,I got P.H.D. from Krishnmurti Institute of Astrology in January 2014 with honour of momentum.In August 2014 I was honoured inpune Jyotish conference from Guru Vasudevrao Joshi in August 2014.